Delivery areas

Configure delivery times based on customer location.

Delivery areas

A delivery area is a group of countries with shared transit times and delivery days.

Edit delivery area

Matching visitors to delivery areas

Delm uses IP geolocation to determine the location (country and region) of your visitors. The location is used to find a matching delivery area.

In cases where no matching delivery area is found, the default transit time and delivery days of your general settings are used. You can also configure Delm to hide the delivery message if no matching delivery area is found.

View product page with fake location

You may want to view a product page with a specific location to check if dates are calculated correctly.

Enter a product page URL and select a country and region. This only works if you have installed and enabled Delm on your store.

Delm reads two query parameters that can be added to your product page URL to use a fake location:

delm_countryThe country code in ISO 3166-2 format.delm_country=US
delm_regionThe region code. Required if we offer regions for the related country.delm_region=CA

Common questions

Is it possible to configure delivery areas based on postcodes?

Delm currently does not support postcodes.

How accurate is IP geolocation?

IP geolocation works with high accuracy for most countries and regions. However, it is not possible to determine the exact location of a visitor.

We use the GeoLite2 Country database from MaxMind.

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