Privacy policy

For Shopify merchants

This privacy policy applies to all merchants who install Delm in their Shopify store.

Personal data we process

  1. We process your name, email address, and billing information.
  2. We do NOT process personal data from your customers.

Shopify API access scopes

Our access to your store via the Shopify API is limited to the following scopes:

read_productsRequired to obtain a copy of your product data, which is necessary for the operation of Delm. We keep product data in sync via Shopify webhooks.
write_script_tagsRequired to install the Delm script tag on your store. We use this script tag to load the Delm widget on your store.
read_script_tagsRequired to check if the Delm script tag is already installed on your store.


We use cookies to store your session data and to identify you as a logged-in user.


If you have any questions or requests concerning your personal data or about our privacy practices, please contact us at

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