Manage custom holidays to enhance delivery date accuracy and view upcoming public holidays.


Custom holidays

With Delm, you have the flexibility to add your own holidays which we'll take into account when calculating the dispatch and delivery dates.

Custom holidays will be taken into consideration even if they overlap with a public holiday.

Key features of custom holidays include:

  1. The ability to specify whether or not deliveries can be picked up by the shipping service provider on certain days
  2. The flexibility to change the latest pickup time for deliveries on certain days
  3. The option to choose whether or not deliveries can be delivered to your customer's address on certain days

Public holidays

Public holidays are usually non-working days and are taken into account when calculating the delivery date. Public holidays are not taken into account when calculating the dispatch date.

We ensure that the calculated delivery date does not fall on a public holiday by taking into account public holidays relevant to the country and region where your customer is located.

Delm provides comprehensive and up-to-date public holidays data for 250 countries and regions to guarantee that calculated delivery dates do not fall on any public holidays.

We obtain the holiday data from a reputable external vendor called Holiday API. The dataset is regularly updated by us to ensure its accuracy and currency.

Delm is the simple solution for Shopify merchants to showcase estimated delivery dates that your customers can rely on.
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