General settings

The general settings are your starting point for configuring Delm.

General settings

Enabling Delm

Delm is disabled by default. Please note that an active subscription is required to enable Delm. For more information, see Pricing.

Dispatch date

The date on which a delivery is collected by the shipping service provider. The dispatch date is used as a base for delivery date calculations.

Important considerations

  • On which days of the week are orders processed and shipped?
  • What is the deadline for a customer to place an order so that it can be processed and shipped the same day?

Delivery date

The date on which an order is delivered to the customer's doorstep.

Important considerations

  • Do you want to use different transit times for specific countries and regions?
  • Do you want the delivery message to be displayed to visitors who are outside your delivery areas?
  • Do you have products that require special transit times?


General settings for products.

Important considerations

  • Do you want to show the delivery message on all product pages?
Delm is the simple solution for Shopify merchants to showcase estimated delivery dates that your customers can rely on.
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